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Bellamy Furniture

At Bellamy we believe that we have a responsibility for the development and safety of our little ones, but also for our environment. For this reason, we make every effort to ensure that the materials used in the production of children's room furniture and textile accessories are as natural, neutral and durable as possible. We know how important it is to reduce waste, so we create furniture that grows with your growing children and responds to their dynamically changing needs. See for yourself that it is worth choosing high quality!

Wooden furniture for children’s rooms

At Bellamy we create children’s furniture based on the needs of little ones. These needs change with age and it is a huge challenge to keep up with a child’s development. We provide solutions which mean that two years later you won’t have to replace the desk, bed or wardrobe, because you’ll only need to slightly modify the pieces already in the room. It is very important to us that all products in our range combine timeless design with functionality. This balance is achieved through the competence of the designers, the knowledge of the specialists and the experience of the parents. Discover all our collections of furniture and textiles for the children’s room!

Deluxe children’s furniture

As a Polish manufacturer, we create unique children’s furniture in Poland and the production process follows strictly defined standards and European norms. We use safe paints for finishing cots, wardrobes, desks or railings, which do not pose a threat even to children who learn about the world by tasting it. We are trusted by many Polish parents, including those known from the front pages of magazines. Bellamy furniture and accessories have been chosen for example by Anna Mucha, Anna Wendzikowska, Katarzyna Zielińska and Kamila and Rafał Maślak. See why celebrities, who have every possible solution from every price range at their disposal, have chosen Bellamy!

Furniture for toddlers and preschoolers

Bellamy production facility manufactures carefully designed cots, divan beds, baskets, stands, guard rails, chests of drawers, changing tables, wardrobes, shelves, desks, cabinets, tables, chairs and toy chests. All our products are part of several collections diversified in terms of aesthetics. Explore the So Sixty, Tatam, Pinette, Lotta, Up!, Ines, Marylou, Hoppa, Good Night and Nomi ranges to choose the perfect baby furniture for your home!

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Loft-style arrangements have been reigning in the interior design market for some time, gaining more and more followers. This style is used to create modern and unconventional living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Young parents also often contemplate creating a children's room in a loft-style arrangement. But can such a space be cozy for a little family member? Is it possible to combine modernity with comfort?

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Multi-functional UP cot - an innovative solution for children and parents

A cot is an indispensable piece of furniture in every child's room. When looking for the perfect one, we often face the dilemma of choosing between practicality and aesthetics. Is there a piece of furniture that could combine these two characteristics, providing both comfort for the little one during rest and making daily tasks easier for parents? The answer to these questions is the multi-functional UP cot from the Bellamy collection - an innovative solution that has gained recognition from both children and their caregivers.

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Moses Basket for Newborn - Why is it the Best Solution?

Preparing a layette for a newborn is one of the most important tasks awaiting expectant parents. Among many essential items, a comfortable and safe sleeping space is a must. An interesting alternative to a traditional crib or bassinet is a Moses basket, which is gaining popularity among parents worldwide.

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Colorful Desks in a Child's Room - Which Colors to Choose?

Choosing a desk for a child is a very important decision as it can have an impact on their development, comfort, learning effectiveness, and independence. It's not only about the size, height, and ergonomics of the desk, but also the color. Psychologists have proven that colors can influence our behavior and mood, so choosing the right colors is essential. Let's consider which colors are suitable for a child's desk in their room.


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Furniture for Children - What's Most Important? Discover the Secrets of Furnishing a Child's Room

We want our children to feel comfortable, safe, and have a space that fosters their development within the confines of our family home. A pivotal element in this process is arranging a child's room - a place where a little one spends a lot of time every day. But what's truly the most important? How do you furnish a child's room? What children's furniture should you choose? Let's unveil the secrets of furnishing a child's room!

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Montessori furniture, i.e. learning to be independent

Furniture and other items of equipment in a child’s room must meet the needs of the youngest children, but also meet the expectations of parents. We recommend, among others, the Tatam collection, which includes the beautiful and functional Phoebe and Joey bookcases. High shelves and drawers allow you to store a variety of books, puzzles, binders, toys, figurines and many other items with ease. To give parents freedom in arranging their children’s room, we have made sure that all our furniture is in muted, neutral colours. This way, you can incorporate the pieces into any colour scheme without the fear of them dominating the interiors. Check out what characterizes each collection of Bellamy furniture!

Modern furniture for children

When designing wooden furniture for a child’s room, we try to draw inspiration from various decorative styles to meet the expectations of parents with different aesthetic preferences. Our designers’ work has resulted in collections as diverse as So Sixty and Ines. The So Sixty furniture range was inspired by the 1960s, which are characterised by simple, minimalist forms on angled furniture legs. The colour scheme of white and birch complements the unusual functionality here, as well as smart solutions that allow children to use the same pieces for many years. The eco smart technology we use in the So Sixty desk allows you to modify the height of the tabletop, so you can adjust the size of the furniture to your child’s current height. This way you avoid replacing the furniture a few years down the line and reduce the amount of waste generated. The Ines collection, on the other hand, refers to past eras in architecture, blending in elements characteristic of ancient Greece. Here you’ll find beautiful, decorative fretwork and elegant handles, plus you can put together furniture in white or grey.

Textiles and furniture for babies and older children

Bellamy’s offering is not just unique collections of furniture for children’s rooms, but also plenty of beautiful and natural textiles. We offer, among others, bedding (for cots, beds, cradles, prams or Moses baskets), sheets, protectors, frills, decorative cushions, canopies, changing tables, blankets and comfortable mattresses. Our accessories will delight you with original, yet subdued prints, which are a unique decoration for your toddler’s room. Looking for furniture and accessories for a girl or boy? Or perhaps you need functional solutions for young people? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of Bellamy products!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Best service ever
Jestem bardzo zadowolona z mebli. Są śliczne i solidne. W związku z opóźnioną dostawą miałam dostać upominek, którego nie otrzymałam... Poza tym szczegółem wszystko jak najbardziej ok :)