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Moses baskets and stands

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Moses basket

The Moses basket is a practical alternative to a regular cot. Each Moses basket we offer is made from the highest quality materials - corn husks, which are natural, organic and completely safe for toddlers. Where did the whole idea of Mosaic baskets come from? They refer to the biblical story about the king of Egypt who believed in the prophecy about the birth of a baby Israelite who would threaten the whole of Egypt. For this reason, he ordered the soldiers to throw all newborns into the Nile. Moses’ mother initially kept him hidden, but after a few months she wove a basket out of wicker into which she put the baby, releasing it on the river. Hence the symbolic Moses basket, which, as it turns out, despite the passage of time, is a great part of every baby’s essentials.

Moses wicker basket - everything you need to know

Moses cradles are primarily dedicated to babies up to six months old, as older babies may simply be too cramped in them. Due to its simple construction, the cradle made of beech wood or corn husk is an ideal replacement for classic cots. The use of natural materials in its production promotes the safety of the child, who is not exposed to any artificial additives that may have a negative impact on their young body.

Baby cradle in the form of a Moses basket - is it worth buying it?

As it turns out, most parents quickly notice that toddlers like to fall asleep in soft baskets. This is directly related to the design and dimensions of Moses baskets, which, due to their small size and elongated shape, wrap around the child from all sides, providing them with a sense of security. Sleeping in a softly lined basket means that your baby won’t bump into the cot rail or put their hands between the rails. For this reason, it is a much safer alternative for your baby than traditional cots. In addition, it is lightweight and simple in design, and the strong handles on both sides make it easy to transport the basket to the desired location.

Advantages of Moses baskets

There is no denying that the main advantage of cradles made of beech wood or corn husk is their naturalness. They are completely safe for toddlers, but also gentle in their form and colouring, so they do not attack the child with an excess of stimuli. Wicker baskets are relatively small, providing a cosy space for little ones to feel safe in. It is also important that each Moses basket with a stand is a fully portable piece of baby equipment - you can easily move it to any place, transport it with you or use it as a travel cot on holiday with your little one. Timeless design and simplicity make Moses cradles look stylish in many interiors. Moreover, they can be enriched with additional accessories such as a blanket or a stand, allowing them to be used freely in different conditions.

Check out the Moses baskets we offer today. We are convinced that you will find what you are looking for in the Bellamy range. Enjoy shopping with us!

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