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Cradle sheets

When your little one falls sweetly asleep, his or her brain carries out complex developmental processes that enable the child to grow, organise newly acquired information and learn about the world. So it’s no wonder that you make sure the bedding they rest in is of the best possible quality - made from natural materials, airy and soft. In the first few months of life, many parents decide to buy a Moses basket, a cradle or an extra bed for the big bed - this allows the baby to stay close, but on the other hand generates the problem of buying the right sheets. At Bellamy we have met the needs of young parents, preparing a range of sheets in non-standard sizes. Please read the details below.

Gondola pram sheet

The cot at home is not the only place where a newborn, and later also a toddler, sleeps. A lot of the time, especially on spring and summer days, the baby sleeps in the pram during walks. Fresh air helps oxygenate the body, but changing temperatures make it very easy for a toddler to catch a cold or get overheated. Made from high-quality Oeko-TEX-certified cotton, the gondola pram sheet is a guarantee of a pleasant-to-touch and skin-friendly fabric that allows excess moisture to escape and, above all, is air-permeable. Choose from many beautiful designs for a boy or girl!

Choose a product your child will love!

Young children explore the world with all their senses, and one of the most important for them is touch. That’s why it’s so important to provide your baby with positive stimuli from the first days of their life, while at the same time being gentle to their sensitive skin. The pram and cradle sheets we offer do not contain any harmful substances. They are soft and you can iron them, so you can easily remove any harmful microorganisms. We are convinced that your child will enjoy falling asleep and developing in contact with such bedding.

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Obsługa zamówienia beż żadnych zastrzeżeń. Łóżeczko paso doble było zapakowane w taki sposób że dotarło beż skazy . Terminowo Polecam za rzetelności
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