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Boho-Styled Kids' Room – Can It Endure Different Childhood Stages?

Creating the perfect arrangement in a child's room can be challenging. Boho is one of the interior design styles gaining popularity among parents. It allows for the preparation of a space that is both creative and cozy. But is it durable and flexible enough to adapt the interior to the changing needs of growing children? What are its strengths?

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Linen Canopy Over a Baby Crib – Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

In children's rooms, cribs with canopies, delicate fabric coverings positioned above the headboard on a roof-shaped structure, are becoming increasingly popular. Such an addition not only adds character and magic to the interior, transporting us to enchanting realms, but also creates a safe, warm, and cozy place for rest.

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Furniture styles – what can be distinguished and what are their characteristics?

Furniture serves as practical furnishing for our homes, but it is also an important expression of individual taste and lifestyle. When looking for furniture for a child's room, we often face the dilemma of which specific models to choose to maintain a cohesive and warm arrangement. Read the article to learn about the features of the most popular furniture styles and draw inspiration.

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Restyling Paso Doble – a new improved version of the bed

Every parent knows how important it is to properly equip a child's room, especially when it comes to the crib. This is where the little one spends most of their time, so it's essential for it to be safe, comfortable, and functional. At Bellamy, we create children's furniture, focusing primarily on the needs of the youngest. We design them to make life easier for parents and ensure that childcare is even more comfortable. One of Bellamy's noteworthy products is the new and improved version of the Paso Doble crib, which is gaining recognition among parents worldwide!

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Child's room in loft style - can it be cozy?

Loft-style arrangements have been reigning in the interior design market for some time, gaining more and more followers. This style is used to create modern and unconventional living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Young parents also often contemplate creating a children's room in a loft-style arrangement. But can such a space be cozy for a little family member? Is it possible to combine modernity with comfort?

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Creating a Safe and Functional Space in Your Child's Room: Installing Wall Shelves with Comfort and Safety in Mind

A child's room is a place where little ones spend a significant amount of time, exploring the world and developing their skills. When designing this space, it's important to consider various aspects, such as safety and convenient access to everyday items. One element that can enhance both comfort and organization in a child's room is wall shelves. How can they be properly installed to fulfill their purpose while maintaining the highest level of safety? Let us guide you through it.

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Furniture for Children - What's Most Important? Discover the Secrets of Furnishing a Child's Room

We want our children to feel comfortable, safe, and have a space that fosters their development within the confines of our family home. A pivotal element in this process is arranging a child's room - a place where a little one spends a lot of time every day. But what's truly the most important? How do you furnish a child's room? What children's furniture should you choose? Let's unveil the secrets of furnishing a child's room!

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Multi-functional UP cot - an innovative solution for children and parents

A cot is an indispensable piece of furniture in every child's room. When looking for the perfect one, we often face the dilemma of choosing between practicality and aesthetics. Is there a piece of furniture that could combine these two characteristics, providing both comfort for the little one during rest and making daily tasks easier for parents? The answer to these questions is the multi-functional UP cot from the Bellamy collection - an innovative solution that has gained recognition from both children and their caregivers.

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Moses Basket for Newborn - Why is it the Best Solution?

Preparing a layette for a newborn is one of the most important tasks awaiting expectant parents. Among many essential items, a comfortable and safe sleeping space is a must. An interesting alternative to a traditional crib or bassinet is a Moses basket, which is gaining popularity among parents worldwide.

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Colorful Desks in a Child's Room - Which Colors to Choose?

Choosing a desk for a child is a very important decision as it can have an impact on their development, comfort, learning effectiveness, and independence. It's not only about the size, height, and ergonomics of the desk, but also the color. Psychologists have proven that colors can influence our behavior and mood, so choosing the right colors is essential. Let's consider which colors are suitable for a child's desk in their room.


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