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A space that promotes being together – how to furnish the shared space for the whole family?

A space that promotes being together – how to furnish the shared space for the whole family?

The arrival of a new member of the family at home is a challenge for parents, not only because of additional responsibilities, but also because of the need to adapt the space to their own needs and child's. However, the job is not done after you prepare the baby's room. How do you go about arranging the shared space so that it is safe for all members of the household, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing? Let these proposals by Bellamy inspire you!

Take control of toys   The number of toys in the house grows together with the child. They take up space not only in your little one's room, but at some point you'll find them... everywhere. That is why, if you want to keep your shared space relatively tidy, it is worth getting some practical wooden crates – the most frequently used blocks and favourite cuddly toys just need to be put inside when playtime is over. By placing a soft velour cushion on the lid, you will not only further decorate the room, but also make it friendly for the youngest members of the family. Chests by Bellamy are aesthetically appealing and can be matched with most Scandinavian, Provencal, minimalist or romantic style furniture.

House bookcase – not only for the children's room   While perfect for the toddler's room, it can also serve as the children's corner in the living room. The attractive design draws the attention of the child and encourages him or her to put things away. In the living room, it will prove useful as a bookcase with books of the youngest members of the family only. The cottage bookcase fits in with the standard furnishings in the flat and its original shape set it apart positively.

Care and nurturing – support for parents of newborns   The elegant Moses basket on a stand or baby cradle is the perfect way to keep your little ones safe and stay with them during naps. Highly functional and, above all else, beautiful, exclusiveBellamy  children's furniture combines high usability, above-average quality with attractive aesthetics, which allows us to meet the tastes of both children and their parents. If you want to check other suggestions for arranging the shared space, check out our range of products!


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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