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Your kid's own room – furniture from the child's perspective

Your kid's own room – furniture from the child's perspective

Children of all ages love anything that will stimulate their imagination through resemblance to varied objects. This offers a huge potential for playing with siblings or playing out imaginary scenarios on their own. So how do you create the perfect space for a kid with a limitless imagination? It is best to approach this from their perspective, in other words to allow the child to choose from among the options proposed by the parents.

Playroom and bedroom in one  

For a child a few years old, their room is not only a bedroom and a place to do homework, but also the hub for all kinds of play. This is where advanced building projects made of bricks, fashion shows starring dolls, toy car races or general meetings of teddy bears take place. It is an excellent idea to arrange the room in such a way so that its elements further stimulate children's imagination and creative thinking. However, in order for the room to be tidy enough to rest after playtime, accessories should be provided to enable toys to be collected effectively from the floor and bed. For this purpose, we recommend the boxes available in our shop, such as the model on wheels from the Lotta Snow series.

A toy house that is actually a bed  

Objects that resemble other objects are a veritable mine of ideas for play. Toys inspired by everyday objects in adult life are actually already classic ones in the children's room, so we decided to take it a step further. For many children, a bed that looks like something completely different than a bed is a dream come true! The Bellamy range features a piece of furniture shaped like a cottage – with a wooden frame acting as the outline of a building with a sloping roof. Simply throw on a blanket or sheet to turn the bed into a fort or secret playroom in seconds. Lamps and various decorations can also be hung on the wooden frame, and an additional feature of the Lotta Snow series bed is a pull-out drawer with a spare sleeping space, which can, for example, be used by guests staying for the night.

Decorations inspired by the sky and the animal world  

A child's imagination has no boundaries and is not subject to the laws of physics. Animals speak with a human voice, cars and trains run without drivers and toy aeroplanes perform all sorts of stunts in the air. However, it is not only vehicles, dolls or plush toys that can be played with, but also... decorative couch cushions! At Bellamy, you will find velour cushions shaped like clouds and stars, so that your little one can create their own sky and enjoy epic adventures! Once your kid is tired of playing, they can immediately go to bed, where they will find bedsheets with an adorable pig motif. Find out how important it is for your child's mental development to nurture their limitless imagination and let them make some room design decisions on their own. Come shopping at Bellamy – directly from the Polish manufacturer of children's wooden furniture and textile articles.


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Jestem bardzo zadowolona z przebiegu zamówienia, szczególnie że było ono niestandardowe. Jedyną uwagę mam do firmy kurierskiej, więc rozważyłbym dodanie alternatywnej firmy kurierskiej.
Zamówiona komoda jest zgodna z opisem. Bardzo porządny produkt, który spełnił nasze oczekiwania. Polecam