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Furniture styles – what can be distinguished and what are their characteristics?

Furniture styles – what can be distinguished and what are their characteristics?

Furniture serves as practical furnishing for our homes, but it is also an important expression of individual taste and lifestyle. When looking for furniture for a child's room, we often face the dilemma of which specific models to choose to maintain a cohesive and warm arrangement. Read the article to learn about the features of the most popular furniture styles and draw inspiration.  

Different Furniture Styles and Their Characteristics

Currently, there are many furniture styles that have developed as a result of prevailing trends in certain times and geographic differences. Get to know the seven most popular concepts.  

1. Classic Style

It refers to traditional, timeless designs. Furniture in a classic style is symmetrical and often enriched with subtle decorative carvings on the fronts. Dressers, beds, desks, shelves, and other furniture items in this style are carefully finished, including sturdy decorative handles – just like the Bellamy Royal, Ines, or Marylou series.  

2. Modern Style

Homeowners enjoy arranging interiors in a modern style because it is minimalist and functional. Furniture from the HOPPA, NOMI, Lotta, Pinette collections, with their simple geometric shapes, looks exceptional in these spaces, making the furnishings original.  

3. Loft Style

Inspired by industrial spaces, loft-style can also be cozy. Furniture created in this convention is spacious and raw, often made of wood and metal, as demonstrated by the Lumi collection. Such furniture is comfortable and pairs well with decorations such as a world map on the wall or a metal desk lamp.  

4. Country Style

Aesthetics inspired by country life mean simplicity and a family atmosphere. Therefore, stable, solid wooden children's furniture provides safety and comfort. Characteristic features of this style are massive, heavy shapes, as used in the TATAM, Ines, or Marylou collections by Bellamy.  

5. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian furniture is made from high-quality natural materials and is kept in light, pastel colors. Functional and durable, it serves for many years while creating a cozy, peaceful, and homey atmosphere – just like children's furniture from the NOMI, Lotta, Pinette, HOPPA, TATAM, and Manhattan collections.  

6. Boho Style

Boho-style furnishings offer unique, interesting combinations of smooth surfaces with striking elements such as wooden handles and braiding. Such combinations are prepared in the Ratata series, where ornate rattan on the fronts adds an oriental character to the furniture. A child's room in this style is an oasis of calm and a place where you can feel close to nature.  

7 Retro Style

Furniture styled after the 1950s, 60s, and 70s is a bold and creative solution that adds character to interiors. Retro furnishings, such as those in the So sixty collection, represent classics in an avant-garde interpretation.  

8. Eclectic Style

This concept allows for freely combining furniture from different styles, so each element of the interior has its own story. In such arrangements, you can find vintage furnishings, antiques, as well as modern models that create unusual and bold combinations. The key to an eclectic concept is skillfully combining various solutions to create a cohesive yet surprising arrangement that reflects the owner's taste.  

A Creative Approach to Interior Design

Choosing furniture for your child's room that would be aesthetically consistent is not an easy task. However, it's worth remembering that many elements of equipment from different furniture styles look great together, so you don't always have to stick to a specific concept, but rather opt for freedom.  

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