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Cot UP! - a crib with a mission

Cot UP! - a crib with a mission

A response to the changing needs of a child at different stages of development
Cot Up! has been constructed in such a way that it creates many possibilities of adaptation to various needs. The modular structure allows you to enjoy the furniture for many years! The bed works from the first days of life, and provides the baby with a safe, cozy space to sleep, rest and play. Along with the changing needs of an adolescent older child, the size of the bed can also be changed by adding a desk and a cupboard to the set. Equally important, the frame under the mattress can be placed on one of the three levels adapted to the child's development.

Solutions designed with the child's development and the natural environment in mind
The biggest advantage of multifunctional accessories is that they can serve us for many years. Instead of replacing a child's bed several times over the course of 10 years, you can use one piece of furniture over time, which will change over time according to the child's needs. We created this crib in the philosophy of upcycling, i.e. with the intention of reusing all its elements in the next stages of a toddler's development. Thanks to this, you directly contribute to the care of the natural environment, which receives less unnecessary waste.

What solutions did we use in the Up cot?
Cot Up! it is much more than just a crib. The set includes elements such as a changing table or a container with a drawer, cupboard and shelves. When the child grows up a bit, you can remove a fragment of the front frame to make it easier for your toddler to get in or out of the bed on his own, and by disassembling the entire front frame, you can create a comfortable sofa. After disassembling the two side frames, you will get a 160 cm long bed, and the remaining elements will be useful to build a comfortable desk.

A series of dedicated accessories for the Up!
To fully use the potential of the crib, it is worth equipping it with accessories that will further increase the comfort of use. These include a changing table, a perfectly fitted sheet and an innovative mattress composed of two parts. The first part (dimensions 70 x 120 cm) is fitted to the bed in the basic version. When expanding the furniture for an adolescent child, you can enlarge the mattress with an additional part in the size of 40 x 70 cm. Discover all the advantages of the Up! and see why you should order a crib from a Polish manufacturer!


IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.79 / 5.00 105 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Jestem bardzo zadowolona z przebiegu zamówienia, szczególnie że było ono niestandardowe. Jedyną uwagę mam do firmy kurierskiej, więc rozważyłbym dodanie alternatywnej firmy kurierskiej.
Zamówiona komoda jest zgodna z opisem. Bardzo porządny produkt, który spełnił nasze oczekiwania. Polecam