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Cot bumper - is it safe to use?

Cot bumper - is it safe to use?

What is a cot bumper and what is its purpose?

It is a soft, padded strip of material designed to prevent the baby's body from hitting the rungs. It can take many forms - including a thick braid. It has a decorative and functional function - so it's good to choose one made of airy linen or velor material. Color selection is an individual matter. First of all, remember that the bumper must fit perfectly to the inner circumference of the bed.

Why is the fit of the cot bumper so important?

Too large or improperly fastened protector will wrinkle, bend or even worse - it would unfasten. If a toddler that is not very mobile becomes entangled in such a loose-fitting accessory, it may result in suffocation. Hence, it is worth considering placing it in a child's crib that can already change position on its own. In addition, it is recommended that the gadget has at least 6 ribbons of not very long length or safe press studs. If we do not manage to find the perfect bumper - it is worth having it sewn to size.

What do other European countries say?

In Poland, there are no explicit provisions regulating the use of a cot bumper. European countries rely mainly on American research in this respect. They show that about 180 infants and toddlers die each year as a result of sudden infant death (SIDS). A properly mounted gadget does not pose a threat - provided that it is regularly checked by the parent. It is also worth making sure that, apart from the mattress and a sleeping bag or blanket, there are no pillows or cuddly toys in the baby's bed.

Where to find good quality cot bumpers?

If you plan to buy a safe, solidly made bumper - pay attention to the models available in the Bellamy store. Among other things, you will find variants with dimensions of 60x120 cm - perfect for smaller baby cots. We also have airy and delicate masking ruffles - perfect when you use the drawer under the cot and want to hide its contents.

We also recommend other accessories, such as linen canopies or safety barriers. We invite you to successful shopping!


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