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At what age should a child move from a 60x120 cm or 70x140 cm crib to a large bed

At what age should a child move from a 60x120 cm or 70x140 cm crib to a large bed

Does age really matter?

Most parents wonder at what age a child should move from a cradle to a large bed. However, this is not always correct reasoning, because every important stage or change in a child's life is a very individual matter and largely depends on the pace of his development. A certain age may be an inappropriate moment for some toddlers to make such a change, and moving to a large bed, because “it's the time”, may result in the child's reluctance to a new place. It is possible that your child will be ready for such a move at the age of two, but it is also likely that at the age of three he will still sleep in a crib with rungs.

Is your child ready for this change?

When making a decision about switching a toddler to a bed measuring 90x200 cm, you should first of all take into account his safety and carefully observe the pace of his development and temperament, while taking your time and not putting any pressure on the child. Any attempts by the child to leave the crib with the rungs should be an indication for us to start the move. What is also a prerequisite for changing to a large bed is the height of the child, which allows for easy movement of the leg over the rungs, or the toddler's hyperactivity.

A 90x200 cm bed for a children's room - the conditions for a successful move

It is one thing to decide to switch from a 60x120 cm or 70x140 cm bed to a large bed. However, it is equally important to support your toddler in this process. Even if a child seems prepared for such a change, it can be a great experience for him - not only fun, but also fear, uncertainty and lack of acceptance. In such a situation, the parents' task is to help the toddler get used to the new conditions. It is worth going shopping together and letting the child choose new bedding and even a bed. Moreover, make sure that his favorite toys are included in the new bed and that he accompanies him when he falls asleep in the early stages of adaptation. Also remember to ensure his safety - so that the child does not fall off the bed during the night without the rungs, install a bed safety rail.

However, it is worth remembering that the entire process of switching to a 90x200 cm bed can be time-consuming, so you should be patient and time-consuming.


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